FJO Racing Progressive Nitrous Mini-Controller

FJO Racing Progressive Nitrous Mini-Controller 6.0

The PROGRESSIVE NITROUS MINI-CONTROLLER is built for the racing environment
6.0.1 (See all)
FJO Racing Electronics

The PROGRESSIVE NITROUS MINI-CONTROLLER combines the functions of our 2-STAGE TPS AND RPM WINDOW SWITCH and our HIGH CURRENT SOLENOID DRIVER all into one very compact module. It can progressively drive two channels, each with a 40 amp load capacity (continuous duty).

The device also supports low-voltage OEM, V10 or 3 cylinder TACH signals without the need for additional adapters. It works with most OEM throttle position sensors including most drive-by-wire vehicles.
This device also includes FJO's "real curve" ramp which allows you to create a progressive curve instead of just a ramp, and the ramp can be either time based or RPM based. All this and only the size of a spark plug box.

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